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    Research Progress: Researchers Describe the Significance of Dew Computing

    A new research paper related to Dew Computing has just been published in the Open Journal of Cloud Computing (OJCC) [12] (online date: Dec. 31, 2015). In this paper, a group of researchers discussed the hierarchy of three computing paradigms: Cloud Computing (CC), Fog Computing (FC), and Dew Computing (DC).

    A few paragraphs are quoted in the following:

    “In this paper, the Dew Computing is described and recognized as a new structural layer in the existing distributed computing hierarchy. In the existing computing hierarchy, the Dew computing is positioned as the ground level for the Cloud and Fog computing paradigms.”

    “Dew Computing (DC) goes beyond the concept of a network/storage/service, to a sub-platform – it is based on a micro-service concept in vertically distributed computing hierarchy.”

    “Cloud, Fog and Dew distributed computing systems are the result of the exponential development rate of computing and related technologies over the past 50 years. This development is the most prominent driving force of the human society.”

    “The new computing paradigm, Dew Computing, will focus on the three major points: Information processing (raw data and metadata describing those data), High Productivity of user-requests (programmability / reconfigurability) and High Efficiency of the equipment (complexities of everyday human information environment).”

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