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    DewText: A Proof-of-concept Dew Computing Application

    Rock Chen is a talented computer science student at the University of Prince Edward Island, Canada. After he learned the principles of dew computing, he created a simple dew computing application called DewText within a short time. The DewText service is available online at He also put the source code in Github for people to use.

    DewText is a simple Web in Dew (WiD) application. Its great features are that it is open source, light-weighted, and easy to expand. DewText is a perfect proof-of-concept application. Although it is still in its premature condition, has not been well-tested, and could have bugs, it can be very useful in helping people to master the concept of dew computing.

    Well done, Rock!


    What is Post-cloud Computing?

    If in a stage of computing the following two conditions hold, this stage of computing could be called post-cloud computing era:

    1. Cloud computing is not dominant.
    2. The relative importance of cloud computing is not increasing.

    Cloud computing obtained widely acceptance in the past decade; its usage was increasing quickly. But we believe that cloud computing has never dominated the computing world. With the quick development of Internet of Things, wireless devices, and artificial intelligence, the relative importance of cloud computing is increasing slowly or not increasing at all. Thus, we believe that post-cloud computing era is coming or has already come.

    Post-cloud computing is not a specific computing paradigm; instead, it covers a few computing models that are related to cloud computing and remedial to cloud computing in the post-cloud computing era. Major post-cloud computing models include CDEF, i.e. Cloudlet, Dew computing, Edge computing, and Fog computing.

    Post-cloud Computing Models: from Cloud to CDEF

    Since cloud computing has been widely accepted, progress in research and development enriched the landscape of this area. Such progress can be summarized in the following way: From cloud to CDEF, where C represents Cloudlet, D represents Dew Computing, E represents Edge Computing, and F represents Fog Computing. CDEF starts with C also implies that these four models all started from Cloud Computing.

    The cloudlet model promotes to put small-scale cloud data centers at locations where they are closer to users [1][2].

    The key features of dew computing are that on-premises computers provide functionality independent of cloud services and they also collaborate with cloud services. Dew computing promotes that all on-premises computer applications get support from cloud services, if possible. With dew computing, cloud computing can reach its greatest popularity. Dew computing is complementary to cloud computing [3][4][5].

    Edge computing pushes applications, data, and services away from central servers (core) to the edge of a network; it is based on the core-edge topology. Edge Computing refers to the enabling technologies allowing computation to be performed at the edge of the network, on downstream data on behalf of cloud services and upstream data on behalf of IoT services [6][7][8][9].

    Fog computing is a scenario where a huge number of heterogeneous devices communicate and potentially cooperate among them and with the network to perform storage and processing tasks without the intervention of third-parties. Fog computing extends cloud computing and services to devices such as routers, routing switches, multiplexers, and so on [10][11][12].

    All these computing models share a common feature: they all perform computing tasks at devices that are closer to users [13].

    CDEF (Cloudlet, Dew computing, Edge computing, and Fog computing) appeared after cloud computing was widely accepted; they could be called post-cloud computing models. CDEF is an unofficial, easy-to-remember way to refer to these models. CDEF starts with C also implies that these models all started from cloud computing.

    CDEF originated from different background, proposed to solve different problems, related to different disciplines/industries, involved different devices, and have different methodologies. The relationships among CEDF are similar to the relationships among different programming languages: although each programming language has full computing power of a Turing Machine, each language has its own style, strength, and characteristics. In the similar way, although the definitions of each of these CDEF computing models may be expanded to cover wider application areas, each of these models are more suitable to be used in some specific areas. From cloud to CDEF, the landscape of post-cloud computing is more versatile and prosperous.


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    DEWCOM 2018 held in Toronto, Canada

    The 3rd International Workshop on Dew Computing (DEWCOM 2018) has been successfully held on October 29 – 30, 2018 in Toronto, Canada.

    DEWCOM 2018 was held together with the 28th Annual International Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering (CASCON 2018).  It was sponsored by IBM Centre for Advanced Studies, CASCON 2018, and the School of Mathematical and Computational Sciences at the University of Prince Edward Island, Canada.

    DEWCOM 2018 held 1 tutorial, presented 7 papers. The 1st DewCom STC Committee Face-to-face Meeting was also held during DEWCOM 2018.

    The papers presented in DEWCOM 2018 have been listed in the Resources Section of this website. Full content and the Proceedings will be first available to DewCom STC members in about two weeks; they will be available to the general public later.

    We encourage dew computing researchers, professionals, and students to join DewCom STC and to attend our annual workshop/conference to obtain up-to-date information about dew computing progress.


    DewCom STC Statistics Update

    From now on, the statistics of DewCom STC will be updated at the following webpage:


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