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    Dew Computing Research is a communication platform which provides support to research activities in the area of Dew Computing.

    1. Dew Computing Research is a news forum to announce research progress and activities in dew computing.
    2. Dew Computing Research is a comprehensive archive to host resources in dew computing.
    3. Dew Computing Research is a discussion forum for researchers to exchange ideas related to dew computing.
    4. Dew Computing Research is a quick publishing channel in dew computing. In a fast-growing research area, dew computing researchers may need to publish research progress in a timely manner. Some serious posts that reflect research progress will be put into the category of “Paper”, which are non-peer-reviewed research papers.
    5. Dew Computing Research is also a publishing channel for peer-reviewed presentations and peer-reviewed papers. These categories are reserved for workshops and conferences in which the review process is tightly controlled and strictly managed.