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    Call For Paper: Special Issue on Dew Computing, Open Journal of Cloud Computing

    Due to the fast progress in the Dew Computing research area, “Open Journal of Cloud Computing” is going to publish a Special Issue on Dew Computing (DC-2016). The official Call For Paper is at the following link:

    Here we list the scope and the important dates of this CFP:


    The special issue welcomes […]

    A Timeline Prediction

    This is Figure 1 of Resource [12] : The decade phases of the development of ICT (Information and Communications Technologies) and its relations to the G-phenomena and Distributed Computing Hierarchy: Cloud Computing (CC), Fog Computing (FC) and Dew Computing (DC).

    In this figure, the development phase of Cloud Computing is marked as 2010, the […]

    Research Progress: Researchers Describe the Significance of Dew Computing

    A new research paper related to Dew Computing has just been published in the Open Journal of Cloud Computing (OJCC) [12] (online date: Dec. 31, 2015). In this paper, a group of researchers discussed the hierarchy of three computing paradigms: Cloud Computing (CC), Fog Computing (FC), and Dew Computing (DC).

    A few paragraphs are quoted […]