A Brief Introduction to Dew Computing in YouTube

Authors: Kosay Jabre, Ryan Berry, Cal Morrison, and Yijun Ye.

DEWCOM 2016 Held in Charlottetown

The 1st International Workshop on Dew Computing (DEWCOM 2016) was held successfully on July 7 – 8, 2016 in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Detailed information of DEWCOM 2016 can be found in the following link: http://www.dewcomputing.org/index.php/dewcom-2016/

The number of all DEWCOM 2016 attendees is 16. Among them, 12 are official attendees. These official attendees […]

Young Researcher Dives in Dew Computing

Mane Tushar is a postgraduate student at Symbiosis International University in India. He is interested in dew computing research and wrote an article “Fog-Dew Architecture for Better Consistency.” See https://eye3i.wordpress.com/2016/07/02/adressing-inconsistency-in-dew-computing-using-fog-computing/

Dew computing is an emerging research area with great potentials. Generally speaking, dew computing is the evolved form of traditional computing in the age of […]

The First-ever Dew Computing Conference

Dew computing is a new computing model appeared after the wide acceptance of cloud computing. While cloud computing uses centralized servers to provide various services, dew computing uses on-premises computers to provide decentralized, cloud-friendly, and collaborative micro services to end-users. Dew computing is an on-premises computer software-hardware organization paradigm in the cloud computing environment, which […]

General Cloud-dew Architecture

This figure describes the essential idea of dew computing. The green leaf represents an on-premises computer. The dew drops on the leaf represent some applications that are running inside the on-premises computer. These applications have two features: they provide services to users and/or devices independent of cloud services and they collaborate with cloud services.


Research Progress: Definition and Categorization of Dew Computing

A revised definition of dew computing has been proposed. This definition emphasizes two key features of dew computing: independence and collaboration. A group of dew computing categories have also been described. These categories may inspire new applications.



Call For Paper: Special Issue on Dew Computing, Open Journal of Cloud Computing

Due to the fast progress in the Dew Computing research area, “Open Journal of Cloud Computing” is going to publish a Special Issue on Dew Computing (DC-2016). The official Call For Paper is at the following link:


Here we list the scope and the important dates of this CFP:


The special issue welcomes […]

A Timeline Prediction

This is Figure 1 of Resource [12] : The decade phases of the development of ICT (Information and Communications Technologies) and its relations to the G-phenomena and Distributed Computing Hierarchy: Cloud Computing (CC), Fog Computing (FC) and Dew Computing (DC).

In this figure, the development phase of Cloud Computing is marked as 2010, the […]

Research Progress: Researchers Describe the Significance of Dew Computing

A new research paper related to Dew Computing has just been published in the Open Journal of Cloud Computing (OJCC) [12] (online date: Dec. 31, 2015). In this paper, a group of researchers discussed the hierarchy of three computing paradigms: Cloud Computing (CC), Fog Computing (FC), and Dew Computing (DC).

A few paragraphs are quoted […]

Research Progress: A New Method to Implement LDNS in the Cloud-dew Architecture

Zebin Kang made progress in cloud-dew research. He proposed a new method to implement the Local Domain Name System (LDNS). This method is more feasible and is better in terms of system security than previous methods. Details are in http://www.csit.upei.ca/php/TR/ShowTRs.php?21%21%1.