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    Post-cloud Computing Models: from Cloud to CDEF

    Since cloud computing has been widely accepted, progress in research and development enriched the landscape of this area. Such progress can be summarized in the following way: From cloud to CDEF, where C represents Cloudlet, D represents Dew Computing, E represents Edge Computing, and F represents Fog Computing. CDEF starts with C also implies that […]

    The Relationships among Cloud Computing, Fog Computing, and Dew Computing

    Dew Computing and Fog Computing are two new computing paradigms appeared after the widely acceptance of Cloud Computing. Apparently, dew and fog are metaphors coming from cloud which is the initial metaphor. They had different goals and went through different paths. Here we try to clarify the differences between them and the relationships among all […]

    The Initial Definition of Dew Computing

    With the widely acceptance of the thin client concept, more and more functions have been pushed into the servers; the local computer or the local client becomes quite thin. In a typical thin-client scenario, a user only uses a browser (or a similar client) to access the Internet; other applications are rarely used. Such computer […]