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    IEEE DewCom STC

    IEEE Computer Society Dew Computing Special Technical Community (DewCom STC) is an IEEE organization which was established by IEEE Computer Society in December 2017.

    DewCom STC Website:

    DewCom STC Statistics:

    Members: 83

    Number of countries that have members: 27

    Countries that have members: Canada, USA, Croatia, Austria, Germany, Romania, Sweden, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Argentina, Colombia, El Salvador, China, India, Pakistan, Australia, Macedonia, Nepal, Switzerland, Portugal, Ghana, Turkey, Cyprus, Malaysia, Brazil, Sweden.

    Update Date: Aug. 14, 2019.

    DewCom STC Newsletters: DewCom STC Newsletters are internal documents that are only available to DewCom STC Members. Members obtain password through internal email list or other means. If you are a new member and still do not have a password, you may contact Newsletters can be accessed at: